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Finding the Appropriate Sources

Databases or websites

The database and websites used to research for the articles are Google Scholar and which are excellent sources for well written academic papers. A database allows a researcher to research for credible and well-researched documents efficiently. Importantly, these websites are reliable as many of the article available have gone through preview peer process and are more reliable compared to general information found on the internet. Consequently, these databases provide information need to evaluate as source credibility. Importantly, the websites are relevant; they allow the researcher to customize the research to access relevant results. The research can use specific keywords, subject headings, descriptions, and discipline-specific terminologies. Likewise, it is possible to study the document by the author’s name. Additionally, the databases and the websites are accessible. They provide full access to the whole report.

Keywords and parameters used to find the article

Keywords are phrases typed into a search engine to help narrow down the research to the relevant information and ideas.  The keywords and parameters used for the research include leadership styles, effects of leadership styles, common leadership styles, leadership styles used by managers, and implementation of leadership styles. These keywords helped narrow down the research to a particular article that whey helpful in completing the assignment. Further, the excellent use of the keywords helped identify the targeted materials and match the content needed. Further, the keywords were targeted at solving specific problems in the leadership which were to determine the leadership styles and effects to the organization.

Rationale for why these is a scholarly article that can be trusted

Scholarly articles and documents are credible sources and can be trusted because of several reasons. Firstly, they are intended for a specific audience with knowledge and skills. Academic and scholarly articles are research papers that are prepared to be used by a particular set of people mainly researchers and academicians. Further, they are written by scholars with their names listed along with their credentials. This shows that the research was done by a credible person who knew what he or what she was doing and the purpose of investigation. Similarly, the articles are footed and have a list of sources used. It shows that the researchers have used information from credible sources. Likewise, they are peer-reviewed. The articles have been scrutinized by experts in that area before they were published online. It means if they are online the experts approved the work to be original and meet the standards required. Additionally, they are not for profit making.

Summary of each article

Article 1: Safety leadership: A meta-analytic review of transformational and transactional leadership styles as antecedents of safety behaviors

The report developed and tested a safety leadership on transactional and transformational leadership styles. The article is a leadership case study that incorporates both the active and transformational leadership styles. The study conducted by the researcher show that transformational leadership style has a positive relationship with both the perceived safety climate and safety climate (Clarke, 2012). Further, the article states that the active transitional leadership style had positive relationship with security participation, safety compliance, and security climate. Similarly, the article states that the effects on the safety participation were mainly mediated by an effect on security involvement and perceived safety climate.

Likewise, the report suggests that the active transitional leadership is crucial in determining and ensuring submission with regulations and rules within the organization while on the other hand, transformational leadership style encourages employees participation. The author suggests that a combination of the two leadership style is beneficial for safety (Clarke, 2012). The research has some inferences for leaders who are involved in conniving of leadership development and training programs. It states that the methods should be tailored to focus on leadership behaviors that encompass both the active transactional and transformative style.

Article 2: The Effect Of Leadership Style, Job Satisfaction And Employee-Supervisor Relationship On Job Performance And Organizational Commitment

The article is a study done by Babalola in Ethiopia. The research seeks to examine the effects of management and leadership styles on the productivity of an organization. Primarily, the aim of the study was to investigate the effects of transformational and transactional leadership styles on the productivity of an organization. (Babalola, 2016) Further, the article also examines the impact of the laissez-faire leadership style on productivity. The study includes 231 staff members with a sample size of 147.

The article states that transactional and transformational leadership styles should be adhered to because they have substantial effects on leaders and organizational productivity. Importantly, the author argues that there is a strong relationship between the productivity and transactional leadership style. Further, the article states that there is also laissez-faire leadership style and productivity in the organization (Babalola, 2016) Consequently, the report says that successful leaders in an organization depend on the need to adapt to the change of the leadership style to meet organizational goals. Importantly, all the management leadership is excellent, but they should be tailored to meet the organization's objectives and goals.

Article 3: Implications of Organizational Culture and Leadership Styles The Effects on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance Of Police Sector In Bandung, Cimahi, Garut- West Java.

The article studies the leadership style impact on the budgetary control system. The paper gives an insight into the effects of budgetary participation and leadership on job satisfaction and performance. The papers suggest that there is a relationship between leadership styles, employee job performance, and budgetary participation (Aripin, 2013). The article further states that more than 20 percent of the increased variation in job satisfaction is a result of leadership style adopted by the management that fits the organization's goals and objectives. Consequently, the authors state that the failure to observe the signification increase the amount of variation in job performance when transformational leadership and transactional leadership are included in the organization will fail.

The article on Safety leadership was easy to locate because it is easy to access the research gate than the other databases. The reason for choosing the article is that it is a peer-viewed article, it has references to proof the source of the information, and an educated person conducted the research. From the article, the author is said to be a master student at the University of Manchester. Furthermore, the journal cover the area of the research on leadership styles and the study done was near perfect. Importantly, research Gate is a place where scholars publish their well-conducted research. Consequently, the site is a credible one and is well recognized for publishing excellent research in their fields. Likewise, it is a peer-reviewed and article have been scrutinized by experts in that area before it was published online.

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